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Tuija Asta Järvenpää, Born in Riyadh, Saudi-Arabia,1968. Between 1985.1995 she followed studies in Arts, Crafts and Design in Finland and The Netherlands.
As a young designer, she struggled to find her own voice in discussing ecological and ethical problems she encountered in industrial production and consumerism. This encouraged her to start experimenting with conseptual design. Since moving beck to Helsinki 1995, she became interested in urbanism and architecture. Thus, expading her conceptual design practice to site-specific happenings and performances.
During 1995-2007 she created happenings like The Finnish Sushi Bar Fish, Lightbar and Rusakko Independent. In 2002 she was invited to Casino Luxembourgh to attend a master workshop with Joep van Lieshout and claude closky on urban art and work in  public spaces. In 2003 she was invited to create a site-specific work in Paris. After a3-month periode as artist-in-residency, the Boudoir de Paris, a performance for a public space, took place on streets of Paris in July 2003.
Her involvement in site-specific works and cross-disicplinary happenings made her a sought-after exhibition architect especially for contemporary group exhibitions. Working on large exhibitions for HAM - Helsinki City Art Museum and Artist Organizzation MUU kept her occupied in 2001-2005. In 2005 she created the paper-made Throwaway Wedding Gown, her first public item of industrial design. This was her material statemet directed towards industrial practices that encourage throw-away culture. The gown got lot of public attention. It was featured in the  Marry Me ? wedding happening, and it went on tour presenting contemporary Finnish design in the US.
As Helsinki was chosen to be the World Design Capital in 2012, she created  the Jee Office for  ecologiacal, ethical and esthetic design to encourage both good practices and discussions around these issues. During 2010-2012 Jee Office created independent pop-ups, manifestos and concepts like All u Need is:, My Home is My Castle, Willow bus-stop, Secret Garden...
Since 2012 she has been interested in themes like power strucures in the built environment and communication, feminism, democracy and global ecologcal well-fair. She was accepted to attend a seminar on art and ecology by Timothy Morton in Paris 2015 and is now working on new pieces like WMNS PARLIAMENT, GALLERIA_/_2_3_N_5_9 and REPAIRED.
Curriculum Vitae
TUIJA ASTA JÄRVENPÄÄ, Born 1968, Riyadh, Saudi-Arabia,  lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. 
Experience:                                                                     OFFICE FOR ART, ARCHITECTURE AND ACTION 1995-
Education:                                                                                 Gerrit Rietveld Academy for art and design,  1990-1995     ROTKO Institute for Arts and Craffts 1988-1990                    Aalto Univercity, 1993 
                                                                                                  Workshops:                                                                            A.P.E. -Art -Philosophie & Ecologie / Seminar & Conversation avec Timothy Morton, Betonsalon Paris, 2015.                AMORPH!06 Cover Up International Performing Festival/ Muu ry, Helsinki 2006.                                                                 PUBLIC SPACE URBAN RELATIONS ART WORKSHOP / Casino Luxembourg -forum d ́art contemporain, Luxembourg 2002. PEPINIERES ART FORUM / Graz, Austria 2003.                     YDI-Young Design and industry / Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam 1992.
Memberships:                                                                            MUU -Artist Association                                                     DODO -Urban Environmental Association
Grants and recognitions:                                                        Niilo Helander Foundation  2016                                       National Council for Design 2004, 2006, 2016                       Arts Council of Finland 2006, 2007                                     Finnish Cultural Foundation 2006                                          City of Paris 2003                                                                Arts Council of Uusimaa 2003, 2013
Agenda:                                                                                  GARAGE REPAIR(ED)                                                   GALLERIA _/_2_3_N_5_9                                                NATURE                                                                           WMN’S PARLIAMENT
Group exhibitions, selection:                                                                LUXX international arts, Eindhoven 2010.                                MY HOME IS MY CASTLE, Rauma Art Museum, Rauma 2010. FINDESIGN, Matadero Design Centre, Madrid 2009. SUOKISSA, Helsinki,2009. SAUMA [DESIGN AS A CULTURAL INTERFACE] Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Helsinki, 2005-2008. SPARKLING DESIGN, Kunsthalle Helsinki 2007. NEW  TERRORTORY, Amsterdam Salon P////AKT Platform for Contemporary Art, Amsterdam, 2006.  AMORPH!06 Cover Up International Performing Festival/ Muu ry, Helsinki 2006. PROCESS: ENCOUNTERS IN LIVE SITUATIONS / SHIFTING SPACES -SPACES AND SENCES, Kiasma Museum for contemporary art Helsinki 2003. 
Independent installations + events +happenings,selection:                      I<3 YAHYA HASSAN -solo performance, Paris, 2015.               JEE OFFICE  for ecological, ethical and aesthetical design; manifestations, exhibitions, cliental work,  2008-                     ALL U NEED IS: Design manifesto at Ornamo window gallery & webpage, Helsinki 2010.                                                      CAFE KEMIJÄRVI, potret of a place, Kemijärvi, Lapland, 2009. RUSAKKO INDEPENDENT, querrilla events, Helsinki 2005 -.      SITE SPECIFIC -performance, Amorph! -Festival, Helsinki, 2006. MARRY ME? A wedding happening, Helsinki Kunsthalle, 2005. BOUDOIR DE PARIS-PERFORMANCE  FOR A PUBLIC SPACE, Paris 2003.                                                                          LIGHT public interior consepts for urban encounters;LIGHTBAR, LIGHTCARE, LIGHTHOSTEL, LIGHTGYM, Helsinki, Reykjavik, Bergen and Tallin Light Festivals 1998-2003                       FINNISH SUSHI BAR FISH, Helsinki1997,1998.
Lectures and workshops, selection:
MATERIAL CULTURE, Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, 2010.                                                                   HETI HELVETISTI JA HELPOLLA[immediately, as much and as easy as possible], Design Museum, Helsinki 2008      CONSEPTUAL DESIGN, A+D Museum Los Angeles, 2007.
FINNISH DESIGNERS 100 YEARS, 2012                         FINNISH DESIGN YEARBOOK 2008-2009.                          GREEN WEDDING / Mireya Navarro, 2009.                    TAIDELEHTI ”Pupuja yössä” / Henna Paunu, 2007.           SPARKLING DESIGN exhibition catalogue / Henna Paunu, 2007. LOS ANGELES TIMES ”Marriage of Architecture and Green Design” / Lucinda Michele Knapp, 2007.                            SAUMA DESIGN AS CULTURAL INTERFACE - exhibition catalogue / Essi Rautio, 2005.                                   WASHINGTON POST ”The Art of the Practical” / Linda Hales 8.10.2005.                                                                ENCOUNTERS IN LIVE SITUATIONS / Maaretta Jaukkuri, Kiasma publication / 2003.                                                           NORDIC LIGHT exhibition catalogue, 2000.
Other:                                                                         architectural design, location scouting, set design, graphic design, selection:                                                                   Jussi Niva: architectural design consultancy and assistancy for public art piece 2017.                                                                     Otavan Opisto: Interiors and renovations  2012-2014.                                         HAM -Helsinki City Art Museum: exhibition designs 2001-2005.     MUU Artist Accosiation: Art Fair Suomi, MUU18v -exhibition designs 2004-2007.                                                                   Eija-Liisa Ahtila: TODAY -film props and set 1996                  Reijo Kela: KELA KELAA -festival graphic design 1995.                Private and public estates: renovation and interior designs 1995-2017.                                                                                                                                                    

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