Public interactivity is an integral part of my works. I use spatial and cultural
sensation as starting point to create situations, encounters with common life.
e.g ”Light Gym”, ”Boudoir de Paris”, ”Marry Me?”, ”Site Specific” , ”The
Finnish Sushibar Fish” 
Sometimes I need to act fast with intuitive pop-ups, other project grow longer with 
profound research. My work draws from the traditions of modernism and interest in 
situationism and conceptual art.
In everyday practice I initiate, research and realize a large variety of projects;
from site specific installations and performances to product statements and
happenings often involving other disciplines. I react strongly to my physical
environment. The man made is also a presentation of humankind and creates
a platform for human activity. My work explores the intersection of humanity
in built environment. The underlying themes often communicate ecological issues
or feminism and equality.  As my biggest influencers I could mention 
Marina Abramovic, Gordon Matta Clark, Jane Jacobs, Annie Leonard,
Junya Ishigami and Hannah Hurtzig.

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